Active Travel Challenge


nice commute up to Leicester on the train! saving some pennies instead of driving!

Elphinestone Road is a killer hill each morning1

So far have lost 7 pounds!

Started this challenge the same time I started my diet, it’s given me so much more motivation! Have lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks! And I fee so much better now that I am walking more! 2 stone to go!

Beautiful week to be cycling instead of driving, though there was quite a bit of cycling traffic up the Lewes Road this morning to contend with ;-).

So, as if walking to work every day is not enough! 6.5 miles! On Sunday I walked from Eastbourne to Cuckmere Haven, via the Seven Sisters, oh also via the Beachy Head pub, cheeky glass of red, then via Birling Gap café, Coffee cake and tea! I do not think I have ever got so wet, my waterproof jacket is no longer water proof, got drenched, but a very exhilarating experience!

Really enjoying my walks - the golf course is lovely in the evenings on my walk home!

Absolutely love walking to work along the seafront. Early start Tuesday meant I watched the sun rise - spectacular!! Enjoying the sea front café 'Boardwalk' for breakfast with a view.....or meeting a friend for an early morning walk before work!! Go me!! I'll be super healthy if I keep this up!

Cycling along by the A27 from Brighton to Lewes has meant quite a few wind fallen Apples been picked up this week to make Apple Compote. A rather tasty free bonus to the daily cycle!

Not at work for 2 days as I'm exploring the lovely city of Valencia, but doing this challenge made me think yesterday I travelled by taxi to the airport as no train early enough to get me there, flew to Valencia, and walked 18.5 miles around the city....it does make you think how you get around!

Cycling to the station was blowy this morning! Refreshing, wakes me up!

I've realised that logging swapped journeys has made me more mindful of leaving the car at home!

Had some errands to run and a meeting the other side of town so notched up some extra miles today. Also brought in a bike for my colleague to use so he can notch up some extra journeys.

4 days in of walking to work and back - feeling very proud!

Taking the Bus gives a nice view.

Gives me time with my thoughts of how expensive a car is with, gas, insurance, Mot and Car repairs.

At the same time a Car gives freedom of movement unless your in traffic.

With the amount saved perhaps being a millionaire is possible in the next 1000 years. :)

I have got rid of my car, and take delivery of an electric car next week! (I live too far away to cycle in.) Very excited!

As I work from a vehicle all my journeys logged here are are running errands. Cycling back & forth makes them much more appealing.

Distance precludes me from walking/cycling to work, so I am car sharing when possible. However, my efforts to exercise don't seem to have a place on this system, I can't change the exercise items to reflect a swimming session or walking in the evenings.

Cycling to work avoided the traffic but came across 20 plus hounds out for a walk.

First trip using my bike when I usually use my car! Here's to being healthier!