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Stopped at the Long man Brewery this morning whilst cycling over the Downs - a bit too early for a pint though !

Celebrating my daughters 21st we opted to walk to the restaurant when we may have been tempted to use the car to carry the home baked cake and feeling tired after a day at work. We walked the couple of miles and it was so easy and relaxing!

Cycled along the off-road footpath/cycle path after work yesterday to go to the supermarket, and cruised passed long queues of traffic waiting at the temporary traffic lights. So I got the exercise, saved the carbon AND got there faster!

Pouring with rain as I left work but I resisted calling my partner for a car lift home. I loved the freedom and challenge of the wet road conditions. Soaked but happy!

I walked the furthest (16.7 miles) in one day that I have walked for years. I wish the roads could go back to being as quiet as they were a few months ago as I so enjoyed cycling on local roads.

Cycled to work at the hospital both days this weekend. Felt refreshed and ready to start the day when I arrived, plus I didn't have to sit in the usual car park queue. #SmugNurse

Only one day to go. After a few tough months adjusting, now looking forward to recording my daily activity!

Looking forward to the Challenge in October!