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Cycling on the hottest day of the year, setting off before 8am and it was wonderful to see so many cyclists of varying abilities out enjoying the weather before the onslaught of cars on the roads. Some gently meandering through the countryside whilst others raced along the coastal roads, one thing all had in common was a cheery "good morning", wave of the hand or nod of the head to each other as they acknowledged their fellow cyclists. I was glad to be home by 10am with a solid 25 miles behind me. Tomorrow it will be 40 miles in less heat but more wind.

Achieved my target today of cycling to work for a whole week.

This challenge has been giving me an extra little push into ditching the car and doing meandering my way to and from work instead. Met some lovely neighbours in the process too.

A cyclist died, ploughed down by a drunk driver, on my commute route along a new bypass road. He hardly got a mention in the local press, disgusting. The planners of that new road decided not to add a cycle lane, when will it be an automatic addition to any new road? ( a cross country, rough gravel path was deemed to be adequate but is unsuitable for road bikes or commuters)

Kestrels hunting and a buzzard watching me cycle past as cars rush by, awe inspiring journey to work.

Such a refreshing work home yesterday especially after being in a hot office all day typing.

cycling to and from work in the pouring rain...... doubting my commitment now!!

Cycled to work this morning in the pouring rain! To make matters even worse had to alert a black Audi car driver 3 times that he was careering over into the designated cycle lane forcing me into the kerb.

I ride a bright yellow Moustache bike that I thought clearly could not be missed. C'est la vie.

So good to be able to walk to work again after yesterdays rain! Loving the sunshine and the chance to think and ponder....made a point today of saying a cheery 'hello' to all my fellow walkers and dog walkers! Took lots of photos of the poppies along Eastbourne seafront and all the bees that were visiting...amazing! What a way to start your day.... :)

Everything fresh after yesterday's heavy rain, and glad to be out walking.

Second walk of the day to deliver paper to friends and advise their phone was not working!

Second walk to deliver paper to friends and inform them their phone wasn't working! Sunny and warm.

Bright morning for my usual early morning walk around my home area.

Walk to Little Common Village, in very windy conditions, to do early morning shop.

Braved the rain today! Luckily my handy Brompton has mudguards and my waterproof coat and trousers saved my bum from getting wet. Felt invigorated and refreshed. Happy cycling!

Cycling to work this week in the sun, the rain and the wind, all well worth while, trip to supermaket latter to buy my quota of donuts. Yesterdays commute home was very special as the DD flighty passed directly overhead on my route across Pevensey Marsh.

Walked to work this morning, listening to BTS on the way!

Walked to a local Fete in the Village on Sunday 02 June. Total distance covered 3 miles. Did not use the car!

Working from home today will save money and CO2 emission. Only getting a lift tonight to return to my own home.