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About the Challenge Prizes How to log a journey
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How to log a journey

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Logging a Journey is easy

1 Click the Log a Journey Button. It’s on the top right of the page.

2 Select the date you are recording your journey for. This will be today or may be for a day where you have already made a journey you haven’t yet logged.

3 Log your Journey by selecting the mode you used to travel or for exercise.

4 Select the purpose of your journey. If you are recording exercise you did to supplement working from home, select Exercise. For journeys where you are travelling for a purpose, select the relevant one.

5 For journeys that aren’t exercise, select how you would have previously made your journey. Then enter how far you travelled. If you made a journey by more than one mode of transport check the ‘Were there other parts to this journey?’ box.

You can also check the ‘Return Journey?’ box if you will be doing exactly the same journey in the other direction later in the day; to return home for example.

How we rank journeys

We rank workplaces according to the overall amount of participation: The more people at work getting involved, the further up the leader board your workplace will climb.

If you are already travelling to work actively or on public transport, or exercising during your staying at home working day, we salute you. But we need you to encourage your colleagues to join in too. This is how you will win as a workplace.

We rank the individual leader board by the number of journeys /counts of exercise you complete rather than by the distance you've travelled, or the way you got there, although some individual prizes will be specific to one particular way of travelling.

Every journey counts, so make sure to log journeys regularly. We'll be giving out spot prizes along the way just for taking part, so if you just log one journey you have a chance of winning some great weekly prizes - even if you're not at the top of the leader board!