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About the Challenge

The Active Travel Challenge is all about taking part and getting more people to try healthy active journeys for their travel. The Active Travel Challenge runs from 1 June - 30 June 2019.

What is the Challenge?

The aim of the Challenge is to get as many people as possible commuting to work by walking, cycling, using public transport and lift-sharing. You can log your journeys for work too.

Anyone who works in East Sussex can take part.

If you live in East Sussex but don't work here, don't worry! Residents can sign up and compete as individuals. You can still log journeys, track your progress and claim rewards for your efforts.

We will be giving out loads of prizes along the way. You can compete on your own or as part of a team, such as your organisation, workplace or department.

All you have to do is register and then start logging your journeys to get on the leaderboard.

Which journeys count?

The aim of the Challenge is to reduce the number of journeys by car on your own.

Any journeys to work or for work that are carried out on foot, by bike, by public transport or lift-sharing all count.

The more journeys you do by sustainable modes, the higher up the leaderboard you will get.

Why take part?

The first reason to take part in the challenge is because it’s great fun!

The online tools provide detailed feedback and allows you to interact with friends, colleagues and participants from other workplaces in East Sussex.

There are also a wide range of prizes on offer for individuals and groups.

Perhaps most importantly, cycling and walking are a great way of incorporating physical activity into your day, while using public transport and lift-sharing are great ways to help reduce congestion and improve local air quality. All can save you money. This helps you look good, feel good, and do your bit for the environment!

How do I win?


The winning workplace in each size category will be the workplace that achieves the highest level of participation.

This means that you need to get your colleagues involved and encourage them to have at least one go at travelling by a different, more sustainable mode of transport rather than just reaching for the car keys and driving.

They just have to try one journey and log it to be included as a participant and to get your team's participation percentage up. We hope that they will enjoy it and try it again.


There's a range of prizes to suit everyone. All you need to do to be eligible, is log journeys.

The more sustainable journeys you make, the more chance you have of winning a weekly or grand prize.

Good luck!